I'm going on an adventure!

Kayaking to the Petroglyph Island, spending Halloween (and one earthquake) on a pirate ship, mushing picturesquely down a park trail until your lead dogs go "SQUIRREL!"...

All of these are possible with a little imagination and less money. Most of these photos & tales are from the Chesapeake Bay region, east coast USA.

As a local outfitter says: go outside and play!

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a sail on the Schooner Sultana (sultana education foundation)

Northern water snake paddling around in a back cove at Chestertown’s waterfront… Chester River off the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland.

Earl Grey…cold.
(drop tea bags in water, put in fridge for awhile)
(almost as good as the food replicator on the Enterprise….)

I took a little survey of the submerged aquatic vegetation at the edge of Lake Marburg…

The lake had been drawn down by the paper company, exposing ten or fifteen feet of shore that had been “below the tide line”. This put the SAV in shallower water, and closer to the hungry bills of geese and dabbling or diving ducks.

turtle world

leaves on the water

um yeah….

paddled up on these Canada Geese

funny how they never moved (except the ones bobbing in the water)

oh waht…..

is that a duck blind?

stupid leaf…

saw it fall

stupid fall

it’s not fall yet

it’s still summer

until nearly the e… until the new season of Agents of SHIELD starts…

stupid leaf…

chased it around the lake for ten minutes trying to line up the kayak and wake up the stupid digital camera and then the Stupid Leaf would float under the boat and then I’d have to stick the camera in my teeth and paddle and then wake up the camera and

meanwhile, some guy capsized his sailboat and I never noticed…

Stupid Leaf.

I finally captured it and took a pic of it in captivity.

I let it go.

Kind of like Ahhnald in that movie.

they won’t let me play beach volleyball, Thor…