I'm going on an adventure!

Kayaking to the Petroglyph Island, spending Halloween (and one earthquake) on a pirate ship, mushing picturesquely down a park trail until your lead dogs go "SQUIRREL!"...

All of these are possible with a little imagination and less money. Most of these photos & tales are from the Chesapeake Bay region, east coast USA.

As a local outfitter says: go outside and play!

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what’s this pink thing here….

hey, your relatives stopped blooming months ago…

I’m naming it Loki

This is fall at my house, a bleary, bleak day of dark clouds.

Pampas grass turning purple, red holly and crape myrtle and mystery bush.

Dying hibiscus.

Except for this one unstoppable tribute…

all hail the mockingjay hibiscus…


Legolas and Denali trot north from Hanover Junction to the tiny town of Seven Valleys, notable as the place where ice cream was first produced commercially.

Cool fall day for a run, got a wee bit warmer as we went down the trail. I carry water on the rig so we can stop for water breaks.

one of the last of the skipjack fleet