I'm going on an adventure!

Kayaking to the Petroglyph Island, spending Halloween (and one earthquake) on a pirate ship, mushing picturesquely down a park trail until your lead dogs go "SQUIRREL!"...

All of these are possible with a little imagination and less money. Most of these photos & tales are from the Chesapeake Bay region, east coast USA.

As a local outfitter says: go outside and play!

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invertebrates lurking in odd places on the edge of Lake Marburg (Codorus Statet Park PA)…….

Most people would drift under this willow at the edge of the lake, encounter what I did and go “FFFFFFFING SPIDERS?!?!?!”

Literally ffffing, I think.

I happen to love these little long jawed orb weavers that hang out in trees along the water’s edge.

Go guys, make more…

yogurt and blueberries:
milked the cow myself, made the yogurt…
I can’t cook.
But I can yogurt.
Heat raw milk to 145F for half an hour to pasteurize, cool to 100F, add a cup of yogurt with live cultures (ingredients: milk and live cultures, nothing else)… mix thoroughly, keep in warm place (80-90 F) for 4 hours to 12 hours… drain it through a cheesecloth if you want the thicker Greek yogurt (cheesecloth in colander, in big bowl or pot, let it sit in the fridge for half a day or so, or overnight). One friend just leaves the yogurt on the kitchen counter overnight, another heats the oven to 110F, then turns it off and sets the pot of yogurt in the warm oven for 4 - 6 hours. I let mine sit for overnight or most of the day. I also used store milk with pasteurized farm milk (from my friends’ cow) and that worked too.

Long ago and far away ponies…..

The grey is a 13.2 hand Arab/Welsh gelding named Bazraf. A piece of wind and fire that shared my life too briefly.

The flaxen maned chestnut is a 9.2 hand $10 pony of mostly Shetland ancestry (we think). Up is Blenny, a much taller warrior of the Markalnd Medieval Militia. (honey, they shrank my warhorse). For this medieval faire, he rode a Belgian cross that was much much larger…. until the “evil witch” shrank his warhorse…

pics from our adventures with the SCA and Markland in the 80s

you heard that, the 80s

its in the details…


Eastern Neck Island, MD