I'm going on an adventure!

Kayaking to the Petroglyph Island, spending Halloween (and one earthquake) on a pirate ship, mushing picturesquely down a park trail until your lead dogs go "SQUIRREL!"...

All of these are possible with a little imagination and less money. Most of these photos & tales are from the Chesapeake Bay region, east coast USA.

As a local outfitter says: go outside and play!

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Privateer Day, Baltimore Maryland, a celebration of Baltimore’s pirate…er… privateer history. Here, the HMS Bounty (of film fame, before her untimely sinking), and the Pride of Baltimore II engaged in a “battle sail”. Pride (a reproduction of the wicked swift and agile privateers of 1812) sailed with a full compliment of pirate reinactors. Pride crew: Capt. Jamie Trost and Elizabeth Foretek (helm) pictured.